Keep A Trophy -- And People -- Safe In A Quake

If you or your company has received an award in the form of a trophy, you're going to want to display that. But be aware that trophies, especially ones that have very sharp edges, can be a real hazard in an earthquake. Even a light shaker can knock over the trophy, causing it to fall and possibly shatter. If you have the trophy up high, sharp edges on the award can severely hurt someone standing nearby. Display that trophy, by all means, but secure it, and ensure the furniture it's on is secured as well. Here's what you need to do.

Keep in a Low Spot

Keep that trophy on a lower shelf -- you don't have to place it on the floor, but try placing it somewhere where it's not going to tower over everyone. Keep in mind this applies to seated people, too. Don't place the trophy on a shelf that sits right above a seated person's spot. Wall display cases work well for this, as do the top shelves of low bookcases, where the trophy will be visible but not a danger to anyone's head.

Anchor the Trophy Itself

Use quake putty, museum putty, or hook-and-loop closures to anchor the trophy to the shelf. Place a ring of putty on the bottom of the trophy, and press the trophy down relatively firmly to make the putty stick. Be very careful doing this if the shelf is glass; hook-and-loop closures might be better for that. For that style of anchor, peel off the backing from the adhesive on both halves of the closure. Place on half on the shelf and the other half on the bottom of the trophy. Lower the trophy onto the shelf and ensure the two halves of the closure meet.

Secure the Case

If the trophy is on a bookcase shelf or in a display case, anchor the case to the wall and the floor. Use angle brackets on the sides and top, or get special cord restraints if the case doesn't sit up right against the wall. Floor brackets help keep individual case feet anchored to the floor. You may need to get a professional handyman to do this step, depending on your skill level and the floor and wall materials.

Replace Your Case if Needed

If you have a closed display case where the doors are glass, ensure they're safety glass. If you don't know and can't find out -- maybe this is an old case you inherited from a relative, so you don't have a manufacturer's number to call to find out -- replace the case with one that has safety glass. If the worst happens and something breaks the glass, you won't have to deal with sharp shards. You'll have broken glass pieces and will still need to be careful, but you shouldn't have dagger-like shards ready to hurt anyone nearby. Talk to your local trophy manufacturers, such as Elite Sportswear Awards promotional products, for more information.