Hire A Handyman For These Stair Projects

Changing the look of one of the staircases in your home can have an immediate impact on the look of the area as a whole. There are all sorts of ways that you can change your stairs, and a local handyman can perform a wide range of tasks that may appeal to you. While the exact services that a handyman can offer will depend on their experience and qualifications, you should come up with a few ideas and then meet with a handyman to see how they may be able to help you. Here are some stair projects that this professional can often provide.

New Flooring

A lot of handymen can install multiple types of flooring in different areas of your home, including on the stairs. New flooring will dramatically change the look of the stairs, which can especially be desirable if the current flooring material is worn out. There are all sorts of flooring options to consider for stairs, including hardwood and carpet. Regardless of what type of flooring you favor, your handyman can accurately measure the stairs and let you know how much flooring you need to buy. Once you have the flooring, your handyman can install it for you.

Creak Elimination

It's possible that your stairs creak whenever someone ascends or descends them. Even minor creaks can be annoying to a family, especially when they occur at night and have the potential to wake up someone who is sleeping. If your staircase creaks, your handyman can fix the problem in one or more ways. Sealing any gaps in the wood, adding screws in strategic areas, and applying other solutions can all help to eliminate the creaks. If you're getting new flooring on the stairs, your handyman will address the creaks before installing the flooring.

New Railing

Another way that you can change the appearance of a staircase is by changing the railing and balusters. This can be an overwhelming project for the average person, but you won't have trouble finding a local handyman who can perform this job for you. A dated railing can be an eyesore that negatively affects the look of the entire space around the stairs. Once you've chosen a new type of flooring for the stairs, you can talk to your handyman about what type of railing and balusters will be a good visual fit. Contact a handyman in your area to learn more about what work they can do on your stairs.