Why Local News Still Matters More Than You Think

While most people get their news from major network channels and online media, there are still a lot of smaller, local news channels out there that do brilliant work with the fewer resources they receive. With how frustrated many American's are becoming by these larger networks, there is now an opportunity for millions to rediscover just how great their local news media outlets are. No, they can't spend the same on the graphics or get exclusive interviews with huge celebrities and political figures, but what they can do is often a lot more relevant to you in whatever county or city you live in.

Specific Issues Concerning Your Neighborhoods

While major news outlets will talk about trends sweeping the nation and cover major news events that affect large amounts of people, they rarely touch on the specific neighborhoods that are affected by these trends. Local news has a much more personal perspective because they operate within a smaller framework, so they can dig into how these issues affect people you know and see every day. Whether that be concerning the crime rate, school attendance, or even something more niche like the increased presence of wild animals, local news has stories that fit into the grander narrative seen on bigger channels. 

Much More Relevant Data For Traffic And Weather

Unless you live in a major city, you aren't going to be getting much of an update on the traffic and weather from your major news outlets. Local news keeps their finger on the pulse on the weather situation in your county as well as any major traffic issues that might only affect a few thousand people or even less. Whether you are going on a trip to the shops or starting your working day, you should always check in with a local news bulletin to see what you are in for when you walk out that front door.

Celebrating Your Successes 

Sometimes it feels as though the news is too negative, and not focusing nearly enough on the great work being done by so many. Local news is quick to celebrate any noteworthy accomplishments by the residents within its catchment, from the graduating class of whatever year it is to industry awards and so on. There is a lot more room for human interest stories when you don't have to talk about international news or the geopolitical consequences of a new bill entering the house, and for some people, that is much more enjoyable and comforting. 

Look for a local news provider, such as the Prince Albert Daily Herald, to get local news stories.