5 Reasons You May Want An Outsourced IT Team

Are you wondering whether you should hire an in-house IT department or outsource your IT? Today it's easier than ever to outsource all of your IT needs; with modern technology, computer repair services can be delivered straight through your Internet connection. There are also some notable advantages to having an outsourced IT team.

1. You Can Schedule Your IT Team When Convenient

Outsourced IT teams can be found anywhere in the world. This has a great side effect: you can find an IT team that can work on your system while your office is out. Many system issues really need to be addressed when employees aren't working and many emergencies occur after hours.

2. You Have Access to a Variety of Specialists

When you hire employees, you may have a few employees who are jack-of-all-trades. But going through a complete computer repair company gives you access to a variety of specialists. Often, these employees will also have varying billing rates. If you have a simple problem, you can consult with any employee at a low rate; if you have a more complex problem, you can interface with a specialist employee and still pay less than having to have a full-time specialist on staff.

3. You Can Get IT Support Anywhere

Outsourcing your IT support also frees you up to allow telecommuting in many other areas of business, too. By being able to send your IT support anywhere virtually, you can also support workers that are out of the office. If you don't outsource your work, this will still work fantastically for those who have employees who work at home or for those who use flex time to attract employees.

4. You Can Save Money

By far the most common reason to use outsourced IT departments is to save money. With an in-house IT staff, you need to pay them even when you don't need them. An outsourced IT department, however, means that you don't need to worry about issues such as payroll taxes, retirement benefits and health insurance, and you can simply focus on paying for exactly as much IT support as you need.

5. You Can Scale Upwards Quickly

Do you believe that your company is going to grow? If you're going to be hiring employees, you'll need to be able to hire new employees fast as you ramp up. But if you use an outsourced IT team, they can simply allocate more hours to you as you need them.

Of course, an  in-house IT department and outsourced IT services aren't mutually exclusive. If you do find that you need someone in-house, you can always hire a single employee to interface with your outsourced team and ensure that things continue running smoothly in the office. Speak with experts like Datapath Support Group Inc. for more information.