3 Ways in Which Your Recycled Car Will Live On

Saying goodbye to an old car that has served you well can be an emotional process. Even though you know perfectly well that your car isn't a living, breathing being, there are memories involved that make it hard to let go -- and the thought of your car rusting away in a junk yard somehow brings a tear to your eye. Fortunately, your old set of wheels doesn't have to end its days in such an ignominious fashion. Like almost everything else, your car can be given a new life through recycling. Following are three ways in which parts of your old car can live on.

As Playground Mulch

Your cars tires can be shredded and turned into playground mulch, providing children with a soft landing place under swings, monkey bars, and other playground equipment. Schools, public parks, and homeowners with play equipment in their yards are all finding that playground mulch is an excellent alternative to concrete or gravel and possibly reduces injuries caused by falls. Children certainly appreciate the reduction in scraped knees.

As Skyscrapers!

Because the body of your car is made primary of metal, it could end up being part of a skyscraper. Unlike other types of construction that use mainly wood for frames and beams, skyscrapers use steel for these purposes. The construction boom in developing countries means that there is a high demand for the steel that can be gotten from recycled vehicles. Of course, your old car could also end up as a toaster, but even that beats rusting under the hot sun of summer and the cold rain, snow, and sleet of winter.

As New Vehicles

The metals from recycled cars is also used in the manufacture of new vehicles. After all of the usable parts of your vehicle have been removed, such as alternators, radiators, and any other parts that are in good working order that can be used in other vehicles, the metal frame will be put through a shredder. The shredder will separate the separate the highly magnetic materials such as iron and steel from the zinc, aluminum, brass, and copper. The materials will then be mixed with new metal alloys and used by auto manufacturing plants in the creation of new cars and trucks. Who knows -- maybe that little Honda you loved so much will come back as a Ferrari! Whatever it comes back as, vehicle recycling gives it an opportunity to be immortal because metal can be recycled indefinitely.