How To Save Time On Business Travel

While traveling for business can be enjoyable, it can also cause you to lose a lot of productivity. If saving time on a business trip is important to you, consider these tips for your next trip. 

Use a Packing App

There are a few different mobile apps that simplify the packing process. Using an app, you can keep track of your packing list and use it as a checklist for collecting all of your belongings at the beginning and end of your trip. You can also save your lists and use them later for a similar trip. 

Hire a Taxi Ahead of Time

Transportation in an unfamiliar city is one major complaint for business travelers. In order to avoid wasting time on finding your way to the hotel, book an airport taxi ahead of time. By finding a company like Airport Taxi Service to arrange your travels, you can have a driver waiting for you at the airport. You won't need to deal with carrying around your luggage on public transportation. Many taxi services allow you to book online, from your smartphone, or by calling a service line. 

Get TSA Pre-Screened

Standing in line at security can eat up a lot of your time. However, you can get pre-screened online in order to save time. Certain Canadian airlines are beginning to offer this option to passengers so that you can use the shorter, pre-screened security check line. You simply need to present your personal information and identification, and the Transport Security Administration will verify your background in order to clear your identity. 

Work from the Plane

The time that you lose while traveling to and from your destination, checking into the hotel, and finding food can be significant. Thankfully, you can now recover some of that time by working on the go using your laptop or tablet. Many airports offer free wifi, and planes are often equipped with wifi that you can purchase by the day. 

Have Business Clothes Shipped

Instead of carrying your nice business suits with you on the plane, consider having them shipped to your hotel room. Certain companies will ship your clothing items in wrinkle-free packaging, which eliminates your need to iron your suits on the go. 

By using great tools and services available to you, you can greatly streamline your travel time while working. These tips can get you started on thinking about how to make your business trips more efficient.