Can Monorail Scales Help Meat Processors?

Meat processing plants need a way to weigh the carcasses of the animals that are being broken down and processed. There are a lot of reasons for this. One of them is that knowing how much the animal weighed before any processing started will let the company know how much meat they can get by the end of the process. It can also help a processing plant know how much they have to pay to get that particular carcass and how much they can sell pieces for.

Some people like to buy things like whole sides of beef, and prices are often based on weight, so having an accurate weight is very important. There are several different kinds of industrial scales that a processing plant could use, but the most practical one is a monorail scale

Monorail Scales

Processing plants usually have the meat hanging on an overhead rail. The rail lets the meat get worked on and transported easier, without damaging the meat or the people working on it. The meat hangs from big hooks. The hooks can be scales so that the meat can be weighed at each step along the way. Having the meat weighed during processing means that the parts that are removed are automatically weighed since their weight can be subtracted from the whole as soon as they are removed.

Benefits of Monorail Scales

One of the benefits of using monorail scales is that they generally have springs inside them that can compensate for the movement of the meat. That means that they will be able to get the most accurate weight possible, even if the meat is swinging. The swinging of the meat is inevitable as the inertia acts upon it, so having something that can counteract that movement is necessary. 

Drawbacks of Monorail Scales

One drawback is that if there are a limited amount of scales, it will take more time to get everything weighed and extra employees because the extra employees will have to constantly be lifting meat on and off the scales. However, since the monorail scales are mobile it makes sense to have as many of them as possible. 

It's important to know the precise weight of many things. That's especially true when it comes to food preparation. Meat processors need to know how much each piece of meat weighs so that they can make sure that they are sending out packages and products that are correct. The processors want to make sure that they are getting paid what they should and knowing the weight will do that.