Three Tips For Insulating Your Home

Having an under insulated home can be problematic -- especially in the harsher summer and winter months. In order to make sure you get the proper insulation for your home, you will need to understand the signs of an under insulated home, learn to hire the right insulation contractor and find out how much you can expect to pay. With this in mind, take advantage of the information below, so that you are best able to maximize on the thermal care of your home as a whole. 

Know Some Signs That Your Home Is Under Insulated 

Perhaps the biggest telltale sign of an under insulated home is a noticeably sharp rise in your utility bills. When your utilities have to work harder just to heat or cool your home, it is typically because you do not have enough insulation and have a harder time getting comfortable. When winter rolls around, pay close attention to the way that your pipes behave. If your pipes start to freeze, this is yet another sign that you might be living in a home with subpar insulation. This means that cold temperatures are piercing your home to the point that they are affecting your pipes, which can have dramatically expensive repercussions. In the summer time, if you notice that your upstairs is sweltering, this is a surefire sign that you need better insulation. Check the thermostat in your upper levels and get in touch with an insulation contractor if the temperatures are 10 to 15° hotter upstairs than downstairs.

Shop For The Right Insulation Contractor

Once you know that you need better insulation, contact no less than two different insulation companies to provide you with an assessment of the inside of your home. Only use an installation contractor with proper bonding and insurance, so that you have a guarantee on your work. Further, dig up solid references from other people who have taken advantage of their services.

Find The Best Prices On Insulation

The best thing you can do with getting insulation work is to shop around and price match between contractors. On a standard basis, you might pay between $1 and $1.50 for each square foot of insulation that you receive in your attic. For an overall home insulation, it is common to pay approximately $1200 on the low end and about $2500 on average to insulate your entire home. This will vary greatly between the cost of labor, the city in which you live and the types of insulation that you purchase.

Use this information as a resource, as you look to get the insulation installed that will make your home comfortable and