Four Tips For A Successful Mobile Sign

Every business has one goal: draw in more business by attracting new customers. Mobile signs give you an affordable, eye-catching way to do just that. They help create customer awareness, they are easily moved, and they allow you to change your message frequently. But if a sign isn't well-designed, your message may never be received. Here are four factors to consider to ensure mobile sign success. 

Make Sure It Is Visible

You want to be certain your sign is visible to people driving by. This is especially important if your business is set back from the road or is in a strip of suites and not easily noticed. Drive by your business and consider your options for where you can place your sign. Make sure there aren't any obstacles in the way that would hinder potential customers from viewing it. Choose a sign that will be large enough to accommodate your message. Visibility of your sign is the most important factor.

Make Sure It Isn't Cluttered

In order for your sign to be successful, your message has to make an impact and be legible. Keep it short and simple. People will only have a short time to glance at your sign as they are driving by. If there is too much text, it will be cramped and difficult to read. Be certain to leave plenty of "white space," which is the empty areas on the sign that aren't filled with text or graphics. Resist the urge to fill the whole sign, and keep your message concise.

Choose The Right Font

While fancy types may look good close up, they aren't generally suitable for mobile signs that need to be seen and read from a distance. Crisp and sharp lettering should be used. You can use varying weights, like bold or wide types, to put emphasis on the most important part of your message.

Don't use all capital letters as this can reduce readability and be interpreted as "angry shouting." According to the United States Sign Council Foundation, the fonts Helvetica and Clarendon are good type choices.

Use Graphics

The use of your full-color logo and other artwork can help draw attention to your sign. Just remember to not overwhelm your text. You want your message to be the first thing potential customers see.

A reputable full-service sign company can help you assess your advertising needs and provide guidance in designing a mobile sign that will draw customers in. Visit a website like to learn more.