Three Health-Focused Professionals For Whom Personalized Water Bottle Labels Are A Must

In most professions, it's handy to have some promotional materials that you can give out to your clients. Doing so is an effective way to express your thanks for their patronage, as well as hopefully attract new clients. It's also important for your promotional products to be in alignment with your brand. If you're a health professional, you need to think about finding products to distribute that don't go against the message that you share with those you treat. Personalized water bottle labels with your name and some details about your practice -- from a company like Great Canadian Water Company -- can be effective for a variety of health practitioners, and for a number of reasons. Here are three health-focused professionals for whom this promotional product is a good idea. 


Dentists often use promotional products, including pens and fridge magnets. Personalized water bottle labels can also be effective, as they're in alignment with one of your messages to drink water. Many dentists stress the importance of avoiding sugary drinks, such as soda, to their patients. For some patients, curbing a soda habit can be a challenge — especially if they aren't drawn to drink something else. When a dentist gives his or her patient a bottle of water with a personalized label, the patient will almost certainly drink it. And, ideally, this can start a habit of drinking water. 

Personal Trainer

Personal trainers also tout eliminating soda from their clients' diets and replacing it with water, but not for a reason about dental health. Soda, of course, is unhealthy and can cause you to gain weight, which is the last thing that you want when you're trying to get in shape with a personal trainer. A personal trainer's personalized water bottle can remind his or her clients to sip water throughout the day as a healthy source of hydration, and you could even customize the label to offer some point-form health tips. 


Even though chiropractors are associated with back health, they also provide general health advice to many of their clients. Patients often visit chiropractors because of headaches, and chiropractors will discuss a handful of lifestyle issues that may contribute to headaches. Stress, of course, is one, but so too is dehydration — and many people don't drink enough water. Your chiropractor may advise you that your headaches could decrease simply by drinking more water, and his or her offer of a water bottle with a personalized label can serve as a reminder to keep hydrated.