Protecting Yourself As You Age – Winter Preparations

Getting older isn't easy — seeing things around the house and knowing what needs to be done can be impossible to deal with. As you age, there are some things that you'll have to let others do for you. Instead of asking the family for help, there are professionals out there to assist you with caring for your home. Here, you'll find a short list of tasks that would best be left to the professionals.

Furnace Cleaning and Inspections

Those bugs, rodents, and dust mites that have made your furnace into their summer home — well, they need to go. Getting down and dirty cleaning the furnace isn't exactly for the aging members of society. Hiring a furnace cleaning service to come out and clean and inspect your furnace will be very beneficial for you — not only will you not have to worry about doing it yourself, but you'll know that the furnace is safe and ready to use this winter and there will be fewer worries that it'll break down or fill your home with deadly gasses.

Shoveling and Plowing

This is the year that you give up the shovel and snowblower and let the kids in the neighborhood help you out. If you don't trust the kids, there are professional services out there that can help you keep your driveway and sidewalks clear and safe to use throughout the worst winter weather.

Walking the Dog

If you have a dog, you know how dangerous it can be to take them out for walks during the winter. Although you may keep your driveway and sidewalks clear, the neighboring properties might not — this can result in serious injuries for you and/or your dog. Let the neighborhood dog walker take your pup out for walks when the weather is bad — hips don't heal overnight these days.

Plumbing Preparations

If you have had frozen pipes in the past, have you rectified the situation fully so you won't have to worry about it this year? If it's been a few years since the pipes have been wrapped with heat tape or inspected for damage, it's time to get it taken care of again. Pipes can burst relatively quickly when they're in disrepair — avoid the frozen pipes and the messes they make by having the plumbing prepped for winter.

You don't have to do it all on your own — pick and choose the things that you know that you can safely take care of, and let the professionals handle the rest.