Six Big Workplace Health Mistakes To Advise Employees Against

You need your employees to be healthy to attain peak productivity. Unfortunately, employees at a lot of workplaces develop unhealthy habits that make it difficult for them to stay focused, productive, and free from illness and injury day in and day out.

You need to discourage unhealthy habits among your employees for the sake of both employee health and also Occupational Health Services compliance. The following are six big workplace health mistakes employees should be advised against at your workplace:

Skipping lunch

No matter how busy your employees get, they should not be skipping lunch. If employees don't have a mid-day meal, they could start to feel weak while on the job. 

This doesn't just detract from productivity. It also leaves employees more susceptible to on-the-job errors that could increase their risk of experiencing injury. 

Straining the eyes with constant computer usage

For employees that are working in an office environment or on a computer, it's important to insist on periodic breaks and time away from the computer screen. Looking at a computer screen all day long, every day will inevitably strain the eyes.

In addition to encouraging periodic breaks, another thing that can be done to prevent eyestrain is to have screens installed over monitors that block harmful blue light. 

Not being conscious of the dangers of stress

You should be on the lookout for work conditions that are likely to cause stress. Stress in the workplace can create all sorts of problems. Not only do stressful situations make injury more likely, but they also put employees at risk of developing issues like substance abuse problems. 

Make your employees aware of the dangers of stress and encourage them to speak up if they're feeling overwhelmed. Then, you can address the issue before severe problems result. 

Exercising poor posture

Posture is essential for avoiding back injuries and chronic back pain. Make sure you educate your employees on posture whether they're sitting at a desk or engaged in active work like lifting. 

Failing to stretch and get up periodically

Insist that your employees take periodic breaks to stretch. If you have employees working at desks, have them get up and walk around when they take breaks. Stretching is important for the muscles. It also helps employees to relax and decompress amid the busy workday. 

Using equipment improperly

One of the most common causes of workplace injuries is improper use of equipment. Any of your employees that need to use heavy equipment as a normal part of their work duties need to be thoroughly trained in safety procedures. This should include identifying potential hazards and learning to implement all possible strategies for avoiding these hazards.