Why Your Custom Home Design Should Include Built-In Shelving

Shelving might not be the first thing on your mind when you hire a company to design your custom home, but it's something that you'll need to consider. The custom home design process allows you to make a series of small decisions about the design of your house that you'll enjoy daily in the years to come, and shelving fits into this category. While a lot of people buy shelves that they set up in their homes upon moving in, you have the option of asking for built-in shelving wherever you want it. There are many different spots in which built-in shelving can be an asset, and your custom home company can show you different design ideas for shelves. Here are three reasons that you should include built-in shelving in your custom home design.

It Will Be An Exact Fit

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a custom home having built-in shelving is that it will be an exact fit. For example, if you like the idea of a shelving unit spanning from wall to wall in a specific room, your designer will make this happen. If you were to look for a shelving unit to buy and install after the fact, the best you might find is one that is a little too small — resulting in some wasted space at each end of it. You want to maximize storage space throughout your home, and built-in shelving can be an important design element that can make this happen.

It Will Save You Time And Effort

When you eventually move into your custom home, you'll be able to start loading your personal items onto the built-in shelving right away. Without built-in shelving, you'd face a number of inconveniences. Namely, you'll need to shop for the right shelving solutions, which could be time-consuming. Additionally, you'd face the added time investment of assembling and/or installing your new shelving units once you get home. Or, you might have a large unit that comes assembled and struggle to maneuver this unit through your home to where you wish to place it — perhaps scraping a wall in the process.

It Will Be A Visual Match

Another benefit of built-in shelving in your custom home is that it will be a proper visual match. Whether the shelves match the surrounding walls exactly or are finished in a color that complements the room, you'll appreciate the look of everything. When you shop for shelving to set up in your home, it can sometimes be a challenge to find something that is a visual match. Sometimes, this means that you need to paint a shelving unit to get it to fit in.

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