Snow Control Strategies That Will Increase Safety And Reduce Messes

Choosing to have your commercial lot plowed after a storm will ensure that there is adequate parking space for your patrons and an entry and exit that are navigable. In addition to the standard snow removal techniques that involve piling snow up along the perimeter of your property, conduct some snow mitigation efforts on your own. This can aid in reducing slippery surfaces and improving the conditions of your property.

Assess Past Melting Experiences

The gradient of the property and the type of drainage system that is present may influence how messy your lot and surrounding property are during the melting of snow. If a lot of slush and puddles formed during past winter seasons, you may want to consider having freshly fallen snow piled up along another part of your property.

When snow melts, there is the possibility that it will refreeze at night if the temperature dips below freezing. With a refreeze, slick surfaces can be hazardous and black ice may be difficult to spot, due to its tendency to be translucent. Speak to a plow operator about any changes in how the snow removal process will be conducted and clear the property where you propose snow will be deposited from now on.

Create Footpaths And A Dry Entryway

A large snowplow clears snow from wide sections, but this type of machinery cannot create individual walking areas that are narrow and long in length. If your patrons enter your building from both sides of the property, or if you have an overhand or sidewalks leading to your building, use a standard shovel, a snowblower, or a battery-operated shovel to clear some well-defined footpaths.

Turn on lighting at night to enhance the areas where paths have been created. Likewise, you may want to purchase some heated mats and use these to melt snow that has fallen near the doors that lead to your business. Snow mats can be plugged in and will heat up within several minutes. They can be used to melt snow that has already fallen and will reduce additional accumulations.

As snowflakes fall onto the mats, they will melt on contact. Custom mats can be ordered, including a floor runner or welcome mat style. Heated mats can also be used to line the foyer or reception area's flooring. This will aid in keeping the inside of your business clean and dry and the mats will prompt people to walk across the parts of the flooring that are covered. 

For more information, contact a snow removal service.