How To Promote Essential Oil Soaps In Your Business

When you have essential oil soaps for sale, such as Thieves essential oil soaps, you want to boost this niche as much as you can. Essential oils appeal to a certain market and often carry a different — higher — price point than other products because essential oils themselves are often pricier than commercial fragrances and additives in soaps.

You want to make the most out of your inventory and get your essential soaps moving off the shelves so you can make way for new products. It takes more than a name brand to move something natural and beneficial to your customers, particularly if they don't see what makes one product better than another. Here are ways you can get your essential oil soaps to sell more rapidly; the more you can promote new and niche products to your customers, the happier they'll be and the more potential profit you can have.

Have a description of ingredients next to the products

A description of the product list of your essential oil soaps helps to sell them because customers can quickly see how natural and non-chemical laden these products really are. Transparency is key when you're selling a product that is presumably natural in its creation. You can make your products even easier to sell if you do some research on the potential and reported topical benefits of included essential oils in the products you sell.

Have the right placement for the items you sell

Product placement is key to really selling the essential oil soaps for sale. Place these items on their own shelf so they stand out, preferably close to a natural light source like a main window or door. Your essential oil soaps can be stacked according to scent or application to further appeal to your audience. For example, bar soaps can be stacked while foaming hand soaps should be lined with the brand name and scent or other labeling facing forward.

When you incorporate more natural hand soaps and other beauty items in your store, you want them to stand out in positive ways. Remove your commercial soaps from those that contain essential oils so your natural products can shine in their own light. If you have a supplier, see if they can give you marketing supplies such as cardboard stands, posters, or other materials to aid you in selling your essential oil soaps for sale more easily.