3 Rules For Effective Packaging Design

The goods produced by companies today face stiff competition on retail shelves. If you are looking for a way to increase your profitability, evaluating your packaging design could be a good way to increase sales. Here are 3 rules you should keep in mind when it comes to effective packaging design. 1. Keep it simple. When it comes to designing effective product packaging, less is definitely more. The average consumer will dedicate a mere 4 seconds to evaluating product packaging on the shelf before making a purchasing decision.

What To Consider When Renting Office Space

Renting a new office space can help you expand your business, improve your efficiency and increase your employee's satisfaction with their work environment. But it's important to plan ahead when looking for a new office, and you should consider the following points. Think about Space Requirements Determine what your current space requirements are, as well as what you might need in the years ahead. Usually, it's a good idea to allow 125-225 square feet of space for each employee.

The Three Main Types Of Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are a soothing way to relax after a long day, or maybe just because. There are three main types of hot tubs, all of which offer a number of different advantages and drawbacks. If you are looking to install a hot tub in your home, understanding the differences between the types of hot tubs can help you make an educated decision: Acrylic Hot Tubs Acrylic hot tubs are formed out of plastic, and are usually nothing more than a covering or shell over the piping and heating elements of the hot tub.

6 Benefits Of Radiant Floor Heat For Your Home

Have you ever considered heating the floors of your home? If you have previously considered it but now think it is only a luxury, you may want to revisit this thought. Radiant floor heating is highly accessible today. Here are six benefits of radiant floor heat. It's Virtually Invisible With a radiant heat floor system, you do not have to look at a clunky radiator that's emitting steam to know that you are comfortable in your environment.