Keep A Trophy -- And People -- Safe In A Quake

If you or your company has received an award in the form of a trophy, you're going to want to display that. But be aware that trophies, especially ones that have very sharp edges, can be a real hazard in an earthquake. Even a light shaker can knock over the trophy, causing it to fall and possibly shatter. If you have the trophy up high, sharp edges on the award can severely hurt someone standing nearby.

Great Service From The Kelowna Signs Shop

I recently opened a yoga studio in my hometown. I was a little skeptical at first because it was the first studio geared towards only yoga, but people were really showing a lot of interest. Since there was so much interest being shown, I decided to go ahead and do more to start advertising my business. I only had a small sign over my door, but I wanted one that was much bigger and could be seen by more people.