Six Big Workplace Health Mistakes To Advise Employees Against

You need your employees to be healthy to attain peak productivity. Unfortunately, employees at a lot of workplaces develop unhealthy habits that make it difficult for them to stay focused, productive, and free from illness and injury day in and day out. You need to discourage unhealthy habits among your employees for the sake of both employee health and also Occupational Health Services compliance. The following are six big workplace health mistakes employees should be advised against at your workplace:

Protecting Yourself As You Age – Winter Preparations

Getting older isn't easy — seeing things around the house and knowing what needs to be done can be impossible to deal with. As you age, there are some things that you'll have to let others do for you. Instead of asking the family for help, there are professionals out there to assist you with caring for your home. Here, you'll find a short list of tasks that would best be left to the professionals.

Is Asbestos Lurking In Your House?

The presence of asbestos is a legacy left behind by the 20th century. Once thought of as a miracle product that could provide insulation and reduce fire hazards, asbestos has since been identified as a source of microscopic particles that can fly into the air, get lodged in people's lungs, and cause cancer. If you're worried that it might be present in your house, having a residential asbestos testing technician swing by to assess the situation is a good idea.

Proper Pathway Illumination With Landscape Lights

Landscaping lighting is a small but integral part of your home's exterior design. Effective pathway lights can enhance the beauty, convenience, and safety of your home at night. Many varieties of outdoor light are available on the market today, but only a select few can give you the type of pathway lighting that you need to maintain your home's curb appeal. Garden Lights A garden light is a fixture with a shade that directs light downward.